Ionian Massage

Calming, Restorative Massage

My name is Laurel Owen, LMT, BCTMB. I am licensed to practice Massage in Arkansas, 

and I am Nationally Board Certified.

Why choose Ionian Massage?

Ionian mode is a major scale in music. Major scales sound uplifting and happy. Using Swedish Massage, Direct/Indirect technique (a deep tissue modality), and borrowing from Reflexology and Lomi Lomi training, I bring stress relief to you. With over twenty years of massage experience, my aim is to loosen tight muscles and help you relax. You may travel to my location in Eureka Springs, or I will bring my table to your guest lodging, or your local home.


My Location and Hours

Eureka Massage Center

117 Wall Street

Eureka Springs, AR 72632

I book by appointment only. Please call

Eureka Massage Center at 479-253-5663.

For mobile massage, please call 479-244-5113.


At My Location

One hour or prenatal massage: $80.00

Ninety minute massage: $95.00

Traveler's Delight: $100.00

Warm Stone massage: $110.00, and lasts ninety minutes.


Mobile Massage

One hour or prenatal massage: $110.00

Ninety minute massage: $140.00

Mobile prices are good for 72632 and 72631 zip codes.

Call me for out of town mobile prices. 


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